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All Things Soft Washing

Soft Washing Defined....

Soft Washing Defined.... 0

In recent years, the pressure washing industry has seen a trend towards washing with very little pressure rather than blasting the surface with high pressure. It can be achieved using technique with tools like the X-Jet Nozzle and specialized pump systems that are low pressure, high flow machines. Depending on your budget, you can spend as little as $145 or upwards of $10K for a specialized set-up.  We worked with Comet Pumps and use the P36 chlorine-compatible pump to design our Bleach Beast set-up.

Our view is that the term soft wash is more of a technique rather than a specific piece of's just cleaning with very little pressure.  Most contractors specializing in this type of technique are also using bleach in their wash mix. Bleach is a corrosive and that is why we work with pumps that are designed to handle corrosives. Are they impervious to bleach damage? Nope.....most of the newer pump designs are made of a high quality poly and even these over time will become brittle and degrade. But chlorine-rated pump systems are a much better choice and will last much longer.

Are there other bleach-rated pump systems in the power wash market? There sure are and most of them are excellent units as well. Most of them however are much more expensive.

We always recommend using the lowest pressure possible with the least amount of chemical to safely and effective complete the job.  If you have questions about how you might enter the soft wash market, feel free to give us a call at 678.207.3487.