Orders – North American Pressure Wash Outlet


Web store ordering places responsibility on you to understand exactly what you need.  Our products are made for professionals who understand how to use them. If you need technical support before making a purchase, please contact us and provide your phone number so that we may have a technical representative call to assist you. Ask as many questions as you need; we want you to make an informed decision. A recommendation from us about the uses of any item, does not constitute a warranty of the suitability of any product for your specific needs.


A mistake can happen! If you order something by mistake and contact us before we process the order, we will cancel that sale on your behalf.  

Please understand that if you have placed the order via the web at
www.pressurewashoutlet.com or www.partsforpressurewashers.com, this means that you payment has been processed by our payment processor (PayPal) and we have incurred charges.  To cover those charges (literally just to break even), we must
charge a $5.00 service charge.  If you would like to avoid the $5.00 service charge, we will gladly give you full credit in the form of a NAPWO Store Credit.  If you placed the order by phone and it has yet to be processed, we can easily cancel or make changes to the order without any charge.

Once the order has been processed by our staff, we will charge a re-stocking fee to cancel that order, even if the order has not shipped.  Re-stocking fees are 10% for stock items and 20% for special order items.  These charges are to break-even for costs that we will incur by shipping the product back to the manufacturer.

If any order has shipped and you want to cancel the order, than we assist you in rerouting the shipment.  You will be responsible for all expenses involved which includes all freight costs (including the additional freight to reroute the shipment) plus our time.  Refunds are in the form of store credit only.  No exceptions will be made to this policy.

We reserve the right to refuse or cancel any order for an item that was described or priced improperly even if the order has been charged through the web store.

Tracking information about your shipment will be sent to the email address you provide. Expect to receive tracking information within 1 - 3 days. Please contact us at
shippingmanager@pressurewashoutlet.com to inquire about your processed order.  Please check your spam/junk mailboxes and/or add NAPWO to your approved email contacts to avoid our emails being filtered.


It is your obligation to track your order and have someone at the designated address to receive it.  Sometimes tracking information arrives in your email the same day the package arrives, so please check your email first thing in the morning.  Please check your email and your spam/junk mail before contacting us.

If your package is shipped by a hauler such as UPS, FedEx or common carrier, you will usually receive it within 3 - 7 business days.  Follow the tracking number to track the delivery date.  If your package does not appear with 7 business days, please contact us at
shippingmanager@pressurewashoutlet.com.  Damaged items are often turned back to NAPWO without notification to either you or us, and we want to discover the issue as soon as possible.

If a freight carrier makes attempts to deliver your order and is unable to contact you to arrange delivery, extra charges will result. After numerous attempts, the trucking company will return the item to NAPWO, charging us for freight in both directions. You are responsible for these charges.  NAPWO will contact you prior to processing these additional fees. If for any reason you cannot receive a shipment in person,
please notify us as far in advance as possible so that we may assist you and save you additional expenses.


We are certified shippers, trained how to package and identify items we ship.  We use every precaution to protect your order during shipping.  Sometimes things get damaged in spite of our efforts to prevent that from occurring.  To protect yourself you have a responsibility for receiving your order the proper way.  If you don't take the proper steps during receiving and there is damage to your shipment, you will be responsible
for the results.  We want you to understand exactly how to receive your items.  Please follow the following procedures:

  • If you receive a shipment where one or more packages show visible damage REFUSE any damaged pieces.  Write "refused for visible damage" on the shipping papers before you sign your name.  As an example, it is acceptable to take 9 packages and refuse the 10th for
    damage. You should contact us and inform us that the refused items will be returned to us.  We will issue a replacement item that will be sent to you and we will process the freight claim.

  • If you receive a shipment where one or more packages show visible damage and you sign for the shipment without noting the damage on the bill of lading, you have effectively relinquished your right to be reimbursed by the freight company.  We will still process a freight
    claim on your behalf but the likelihood of that claim being paid is greatly diminished.  With your approval we will send you a replacement item and we will charge you for that item.  We will issue you a refund to your credit card or give you a store credit, if and when, the freight company pays us.  Freight claims such as this often take weeks to settle.

  • If you receive a shipment and sign for it as arriving in good condition, and then discover hidden damage after the driver leaves, you have a hard freight claim to win.  We recommend that you always open the packages before the driver leaves and to point out any hidden
    damage immediately.  That puts you in a very strong position on a freight claim.  At this point, DO NOTHING WITH THE ITEM and make every effort to preserve the packaging along with all the contents.  Freight companies may not want you to open a package before you
    sign for it.  If you suspect that there is hidden damage, note "subject to inspection" on the paperwork right above your signature.  This preserves your right to claim damage even though you signed for the shipment.  Take care of yourself and don't worry about holding up
    the driver.  Try to keep him/her there while you open the package and examine the contents.  Again, once you discover any damage, you should make every effort to preserve the contents and the packaging.  Contact NAPWO immediately and inform us of the damage so that
    we may start a freight claim. If you provide a picture of the damage item(s) to NAPWO, then a replacement item will be immediately sent to you at no charge.

  • NAPWO will send you a replacement item without picture proof only with payment provided for the new replacement and freight costs.  Upon NAPWO's receipt of freight claim payment from carrier, you will be reimbursed to provided credit card, or given store credit based
    on information you provided when you authorized payment.  If you prefer to wait for the claim to be settled, NAPWO will handle the freight claim and either send a replacement or issue store credit once claim has been paid by carrier. NAPWO offers no guarantee of timeframe for claims to be settled.

  • If an item is damaged and left for you without your signature (such as is done frequently by Ground shippers), the same rules apply.  Let us know immediately about any damage that you discover.  Take pictures and save the packaging.  We will process a freight claim on your
    behalf.  The carrier may want to meet with you and inspect/retrieve the package.  Please cooperate in any way you can.

NOTE: Time is of the essence.  Every hour that passes between the time you receive a shipment and when you notify us of the damage, lessens the likelihood that your claim will be settled.  Open all packages and inspect them as soon as possible (within hours is advisable). NAPWO is not responsible if your package is damaged in transit.  That responsibility lies with the carrier.  Your item was in perfect condition when shipped.  
We understand that this event affects you and your business.  We will do everything we can to assist you towards a swift resolution.  We cannot send a replacement item at no charge unless prior listed procedures are followed.  We want you to understand your legal status and rights and promise to assist you as best we can during this process.