Product Warranty Assistance – North American Pressure Wash Outlet

Product Warranty Assistance

Your satisfaction with your purchase is important to us. Please let us know right away if you have any problems or questions about any NAPWO purchase. You can email us at

Many of the products that are offered through North American Pressure Wash Outlet are backed by manufacturer warranties. These warranties vary by manufacturer and by item. In general, most small wearable items like unloaders and trigger guns, will have 30 day limited warranty policies. Pressure wash unit warranties will be associated with the manufacturer of the part. For example, units will include a pump, an engine, unloader, chemical injector, frame, etc. Each of these items has a warranty but each item will have a different warranty time period. The frame has a lifetime warranty whereas the pump may be 30 days depending on the manufacturer. Part of our satisfaction promise is to help you navigate the Warranty process for the applicable manufacturer.

Manufacturer defects are rare but they do occur.  The manufacturers that we work with stand behind their products and if a defect is present, the product is quickly replaced for the customer.  Manufacturers can also inspect for signs of abuse so it's best to avoid making a Warranty Claim for abuse because much like the Farmers Insurance guy..."they've seen a lot of things".