EPC - Clean Gas Stations, Drive-Thrus, Dumpster Pads $21.25 per Gallon! – North American Pressure Wash Outlet

EcoWash EPC - Environmentally Preferred Cleaner is a heavy duty environmentally formulated cleaner for removal of grease, heavy soils, dirt, carbon soot and all stubborn soils. If you need something a little more mild....that's ok...just dilute the product with water.

EPC works on all surfaces including painted walls, masonry, brick, ceramic tile and stainless steel. Spray EPC and rinse or wipe to remove soils.  

Dilution Rates:

1:1 for extra heavy duty cleaning environments

1:5-10 for heavy cleaning environments

1:10-20 for normal cleaning environments


We have additional degreasers available.

Take a look at our new One-Shot Degreaser for some awesome purple power.


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