HOT WATER PRESSURE WASHERS – North American Pressure Wash Outlet

North American Pressure Wash Outlet carries hot water pressure washers by PSI and Alkota (Electro-Magic).  Units are available on wheels or solid skid plates. We carry pumps by General Pump, CAT, UDOR, AR, and Giant.  Engines manufactured by Honda, VanGuard, Briggs & Stratton and Kohler are available as well.

Hot water machines are preferred in some situations like gas station cleaning, dumpster pads, hood cleaning, heavy equipment cleaning and others. Grease removal is tough; but hot water along with a excellent degreaser like our Environmentally Preferred Cleaner (EPC) can make a tremendous difference in the amount of work and time spent on these types of jobs.

Hot water pressure washers will typically require more maintenance than a cold water machine. As you are considering adding a hot water machine to your business, please remember to include maintenance costs as well as replacement parts associated with the burner system.  A replacement part might be something like a thermostat or thermal relief valve.

Hot water machines require use of hoses, guns and other peripherals that are temperature rated. We've seen some burns related to hoses that have burst as a result of please be careful out there.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at 678.207.3487.


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