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10 Topics for Pressure Wash Marketing

10 Topics for Pressure Wash Marketing

Pressure washing is a burgeoning industry. And like most other service-based industries, it's important to have a strong social media presence. But what can you talk about to convince a potential customer to book your services. Here are 10 topics to get you started.

1.     Health

2.     Safety

3.     Insurance Policy Cancellations

4.     Homeowners Association Fines

5.     Property Devaluation

6.     Paint Prep Services

7.     Benefits of Using a Professional Contractor

8.     Eco-friendly Product Options

9.     Professional Techniques and Processes

10.   Bleach - It Can Be a Good Thing

We hope this has given you a start when it comes to advertising your pressure wash business on social media and in print media. Have an awesome day and let us know how we can assist you with your power wash equipment & supply needs. Remember our Free Freight offer and we do ship Nationwide.



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  • Jason E
    Jason E

    Thanks so much for this article. Just what I needed to hear. Last offseason was so rough I doublted myself and felt like I shouldn’t have left the old 9 to 5. https://EnsleyXteriors.com

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