There's no need to make it harder....seriously. – North American Pressure Wash Outlet

There's no need to make it harder....seriously.

There's no need to make it harder....seriously.

Pressure washing is not rocket science. But it does involve Science and Math and Chemistry and we can add in components of Meteorology to the mix. The industry has evolved over the last two decades and along with it, we saw the evolution of better soaps, chemicals and equipment.

When Tracy had his start in the industry nearly twenty years ago...yes twenty....he literally had to sit with chemists to determine the types of stains that pressure wash contractors would encounter (dirt, grease, mold, mildew, rust, etc.) and what "action" chemicals would treat those stains. At the time, the industry was in its infancy and pressure wash products were far and few between.

Be careful in making your job harder than it has to be or raise your operating costs unnecessarily.  A trend seems to have started in mixing contractor grades chemicals and creating a "secret sauce". Remember that contractor grade chemicals are not the same strength as something you might buy at the local big box store primarily because of liability of consumers mixing chemicals and blowing themselves up.  Literally.....

When you are working with chemicals you have a series of inherent risks. Risks to your body, your skin, your eyes, your lungs, just to name a few, are serious and should be treated as such.

Rookie mistakes?  Mixing chemicals when you aren't a chemist. No can create mustard gas by mixing just two chemicals together. Mustard gas can kill you....quick.  And btw....Dawn and bleach don't create mustard gas....just saw that stated on a Facebook group as if it was fact and science. The potential is certainly there but the quantities needed are not likely to be there. Next biggie? Not using appropriate safety measures like eye protection, gloves and/or a respirator. Next one? Using containers that aren't designed for caustics or using caustics in backpack sprayers.  Think about this for a put some acid in a backpack sprayer and as it's on your back, it starts leaking down your back, on your shirt and on your skin. Then you decide to ignore the stinging sensation and continue working. Later in the evening, you strip down and take a shower and now you see the damage to your skin. And what's worse is the damage you can't see. There are some caustics that will leach the calcium from your bones and the damage isn't known until it's too late.  We lost an industry veteran some years back to this situation. 

For men, keep your testicles and sperm in mind. If you are trying to start a family, protect the family jewels. For women, same advice goes to you. 

These things aren't said for shock-value but rather to keep you safe, keep your employees safe and hopefully have you return home at the end of your work day uninjured. 

Keep in mind that if you mix things that aren't designed to be mixed and you get just inherited all the liability for damage to yourself or others. 


  • Kimberlee Handl
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