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Is there more than just house washing in the pressure wash industry?


There are a number of markets within the pressure wash industry. In the beginning, most folks tend to start with residential work handling basic house washes. That tends to expand a little and flat work like driveways and sidewalks get added to the mix. Some folks break off and begin to focus on roof washing. Some might begin to add in services like window washing (which is a whole different industry) or gutter cleaning.

A few folks, after some time, break off and aim for more commercial work like banks, restaurants, drive-thrus, and dumpster pads. But before you decide to jump head first into the commercial world, it would be wise to ask some questions and consider the financial implications.

Commercial work typically requires hot water. This work usually involves substrates with organic and petroleum greases and hot water handles it better. Some contracts will actually REQUIRE it. Commercial work will require insurance. So if you were flying under the radar without will need it now. We recommend using an agent who is familiar with the industry as that can make a huge difference in your rates. Some commercial work may require you to bring your own water and/or reclaim your waste water. And the worst part? Commercial accounts usually have 30 day terms which means you typically will not be handed a check or cash at the end of the job.

Now....some folks fall into more specialized cleaning like parking garages, fleet washing or heavy equipment degreasing. Many of these require travel in other states, multiple trailers, crews and more specialized equipment. And usually you will have more rules and regulations to follow.

Over the years, I've talked to industry grandfathers (so to speak) that have developed their specialized markets. The stories of trials and tribulations are sometimes sad, many times hysterical and most times very inspiring.

Look around your area and see if you have a niche market. Is there a particular industry in your area that has cleaning needs? Our area is considered the "poultry capital of the South" which means we have chicken houses throughout much of our state. This is a cleaning market. Can you think of something local to you?

Hope that gives you a few things to consider. Pick any of these cleaning markets and we've got your equipment and chemical needs covered.

Have an awesome evening and let us know how we can assist you.


  • Kimberlee Handl
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