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When Guessing Isn't An Option.

When Guessing Isn't An Option.

During each workday, we take calls for products, bidding advice, repair advice and technical assistance as it relates to product use and/or application techniques.

Yesterday I was working on an order for a specialized nozzle. In order to process the order, I needed a little more information regarding the machine that would be used with the nozzle, specifically the machine's GPM. And like many others before him, he could not, with certain, tell me the GPM and suggested that I "guess".

Guessing is not an option. I can make educated guesses but with no information, I am guessing blind and this doesn't benefit either party.

Many times we see older units in for repair that are missing serial number and/or model number plates. Without this information, additional time is usually spent tracking down the correct model information which delays the repair and doesn't make either of us happy.

Your systems are your livelihood and we understand that your time is money. Protect your investment and help us save you time. Take a few minutes and compile a few important pieces of information about your equipment.

Ask yourself the following questions...

1. Machine GPM
2. Machine PSI
3. Machine Brand
4. Engine Brand
5. Engine HP
6. Pump Brand
7. Pump Model
8. Belt Drive/Direct Drive/Gear Driven

Can you answer all of these with accuracy? No guessing now! Guesses don't count!

Maybe you keep a folder with your information. Maybe you take pictures of the individual components and keep that on your phone so you have quick access. Maybe your equipment has a QR Code that you can reference. Whatever method you choose, I promise you that having the information available will benefit you when it's time for a repair or replacement part.

Don't forget to add your peripheral pieces too. Have a surface cleaner? Things like brand, size and number of nozzles on the rotor bar would be helpful information to have on hand in the event a replacement part is needed.

Have a great day! We appreciate the opportunity and trust that you provide in us each day to help your businesses thrive.

  • Kimberlee Handl