Don't Have Time to Wade Through the Groups? Here's Your Daily Recap... – North American Pressure Wash Outlet

Don't Have Time to Wade Through the Groups? Here's Your Daily Recap....

Don't Have Time to Wade Through the Groups? Here's Your Daily Recap....

Nah....we don't have time for all that but we do want to hit on one post we saw today and just give you a little different perspective.

A newer member questioned the use of a wheeled surface cleaner. The overwhelming number of responses were quick to offer a host of perceived negatives relating to the wheels or castors. Here is a quick glimpse:

  • they suck
  • they break
  • they get in the way
  • you don't need them
  • they are heavy

But a more seasoned veteran had a few words of wisdom along with a few questions like what type of usage would the surface cleaner see? What GPM unit is being matched with the surface cleaner? And what type of surfaces was the user planning to clean? Because ALL OF THOSE questions are important. Why? Because using a 4 GPM machine with a wheeled unit might actually be more laborious. Use an 8 GPM machine with a wheeled unit and it's heaven on Earth. The castors add a little weight and with the larger GPMs, it helps to keep the unit down on the ground. Use a GP Hammerhead with an 8 GPM and you almost need to put weights on it to hold it down. You know EXACTLY what I'm talking about! And not all wheels or castors are the same in quality or positioning so that should be considered rather than a blanket statement. Some units have 2 big beefy wheels in the rear. Others have 3 and still others have 4. Also keep in mind that not all surface cleaners are round. So while the wheels or castors on one surface cleaner may interfere in some circumstances, a rectangular surface cleaner with castors may not interfere at all.  And the more seasoned veteran, in both experience and age, added in some ergonomic concerns relating to arthritis. For him, the wheels were a huge advantage. And from a new AARP member, I feel the age and some of that pain. 

It's hard to get to the more seasoned veteran's guidance sometimes over the exuberance and excitement of those relative new folks in the industry. Seek out that maturity and experience because it can benefit you much more in the long run.

Remember that your decisions ultimately affect you, your body, your business and your family. Use your favorite vendor to your advantage. We deal with folks literally around the globe with their individual needs. And that's the key - individual. While the free advice can be super helpful in a lot of situations - there is a lot of good in these groups - we see some folks guided in the wrong directions with just plain bad advice driven by ego.

Hope you have had a great day!


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  • Kimberlee Handl
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