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What If? Are You Prepared for Those?

What If? Are You Prepared for Those?

Starting a business is costly. And once you are up and running, the business will continue to be costly. It's easier when the coffers are filled during the busy season and a little harder to do during the off-season.

The typical early season scenario plays out time and time again during this time of year. Money is tight and so scheduling timetables become very tight. And this is when the "what ifs" can really hurt your business.

You hold-off until the last minute to order your supplies not wanting to spend any funds until it's absolutely necessary. And then a late Winter storm freezes the roadways and the FedEx truck carrying a full load lands in a ditch.

What if your order was on that FedEx truck? Are you prepared for that What If? These things happen. Not often. But they do and that means that your business should prepare for these. Remember that vendors do not own nor control the shipping companies that are utilized. 

When you are scheduling, do you have a Plan B to account for the What If? You should. In most cases, your Plan B won't need to be activated and that's a great thing. But invariably, at least once a season and usually at the worst time, the Plan B will be an absolute must. 

Also try to remember that when you want to place blame on everyone else, it's probably best to start with the business first and examine what happened, how it could be avoided and the plan you will make for the next What If.

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  • Kimberlee Handl
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