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What is Your 50/50?

What is Your 50/50?

Math counts in pressure washing. Probably more than many of us would like!  But let's consider one of the most over-used and least understood question/answer scenario. Ready? Here we go....

Question: "What strength SH should I use?"

Answer: "50/50 mix"

Why is this answer a problem? Because it's an incomplete answer.


We work with this question daily. And beyond questions relating to the stain and substrate, we also need to know the starting strength of the SH that the contractor is utilizing. Let's consider these examples...

Bob is using 12.5% SH - 50/50 mix leaves the SH at 6.25%

Steve is using 10% SH - 50/50 mix leaves the SH at 5%

Sue is using 8% SH - 50/50 mix leaves the SH at 4%

Chris is using 6% SH - 50/50 mix leaves the SH at 3%


Bob, Steve, Sue and Chris all followed the same advice. But each had different results. Why? Because part of the equation was missing. The starting strength of the SH is EXTREMELY important and from the simple Math equations above, one can see how the generic statement of a 50/50 mix is misleading.

Know the starting strength of your bleach (sodium hypochlorite) as it will help you be more efficient and effective in your cleaning efforts.




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