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You are doing it wrong.....

You are doing it wrong.....

Just take a look at the videos. Cruise around on You Tube. Take a lap on Tik Tok. And what you will see, is a whole lotta incriminating evidence. While we always preach to take 'before and after' photos and video to protect your business, it seems we now need to preach about what NOT to post. 

We have been called to testify as expert witnesses in court. Homeowner hires Company A to clean their home. Homeowner isn't happy and blames Company A. Attorneys are hired. Court costs accumulate and the Homeowner's attorney begins to research your previous work and your digital footprint. 

You posted videos blowing water under the siding. You posted videos blowing water up through the vinyl siding weepholes. You posted videos blowing water all around exposed electrical components. Unfortunately, these videos can and will get used against you if you have an insurance claim. And in today's latest video posts, the contractor was using a turbo nozzle on wood AND going against the grain. Of course....after the turbo we really care whether he's going against the grain?! Poor homeowner but now they have evidence. With cool music and effects.




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While it's great SEO and it's great marketing, remember that if you are new to this industry and if you aren't using good technique and processes, consider this a warning before the busy spring season hits us.

Recently I saw a post in one of the industry groups regarding the cost of liability insurance for a pressure wash company. The rates have gone insanely high. Sure...inflation has hit everything. But the more pressing reason for the higher rates is the higher number of claims that have been paid out on behalf of contractors who are using substandard equipment, products and techniques. 

Assuming you have an insurance policy, what does it cover? Does it cover you working from the ground only? Then I wouldn't post videos of you or your employees walking the roof. Because yes....they are watching. 

One of our financing companies has chosen not to offer financing options for our industry because the repayment loan rate is lower than 30%. That's a little embarrassing for our industry. 

The exterior cleaning industry will continue to be a relatively inexpensive business to start. But the liabilities that exist are real. Please take a moment to review your digital footprint and examine your technique. Would it pass the test against acceptable industry standards? If it doesn't, take it down. And then find some reputable training to ensure your success in the field rather than a quick downfall and burn out.

Happy Washing!

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