MOSMATIC PROFESSIONAL SERIES – North American Pressure Wash Outlet

The Mosmatic surface cleaner with recycling function is perfectly suited for cleaning large surfaces inside and outside.  The dirty water is suctioned, treated by the mobile recycling system and then used again for the same cleaning process.  The machine is designed for professional cleaning and long-lasting durability.

The Professional model of Mosmatic surface cleaners is a large model with suction capabilities.  The used water including the residue is suctioned through the double-walled housing.  Using a recycling system, the water can be recovered.  The process is eco-friendly because the water that has already been used during cleaning can be used again.

Different floor textures require height-adjustable housing.  Four adjustable screws are used to adjust the housing to the floor.  The suction power is also significantly improved by adjusting the housing.  

The Mosmatic surface cleaner also comes with a fork support.  This prevents the fork from coming into contact with the floor when it is not in use.

These units come almost entirely pre-assembled.  After opening the carton, the fork just has to be assembled with the housing, high-pressure pistols and hose according to the instructions enclosed.  The surface cleaner is then immediately ready for operation.



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