SANDBLASTERS – North American Pressure Wash Outlet

Sandblaster attachments can be quite useful when attempting to remove coatings from almost any surface.  Sandblasters can be used on metal, heavy graffiti accumulations, and for paint preparation.

Sandblasters come in different "duty" strengths (light, medium, heavy) and come in various kits.

Sand Usage Chart

Removal Of                     Sand Mesh               Sand Type           Blasting Angle

Rust                                   16/50                        Angular                   0-25 degree

Metal Scale                        20/40                        Round                    0-15 degree

Paint from Wood                20/40                        Round                    1-10 degree

Paint from Masonry            20/40                       Round Silica          0-20 degree

Paint from Metal                 20/40                       Round Silica          0-30 degree




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