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About Us

North American Pressure Wash Outlet began with a little dream.  The pieces of that dream slowly began to form in the Fall of 2011.  Here is our story.....Tracy Handl, a native of Wisconsin, relocated to the Atlanta area to work with friends in the moving industry.  After several years, Tracy began exploring other options.  He applied for a position with Sun Brite Supply in Lawrenceville, Georgia.  During his tenure with Sun Brite, he completed many hours of wand time in the field and then transitioned into other duties such as sales, repair and service.  He has been active with recognized industry organizations, industry forums and training activities.

As many people do, Tracy began to evaluate his accomplishments thus far and his future with Sun Brite Supply.  He determined it was time for a change.  At the time, a plan of action had yet to be formed but the dream of being a business owner was beginning to be considered.

In October of 2011, Tracy's fiancee Kimberlee Handl (Wilson) suffered a job loss after 14 years working for the State of Georgia.  Kimberlee, a native of Philadelphia, managed a federal job training program with annual funding of over $5 million dollars.  With 35 staff and a 13-county service delivery area, she honed her management skills.  She was responsible for the program's website design, daily operations and communications with customers and vendors. But that ended and a new chapter began. As many dislocated workers in today's economy, Kimberlee would learn to use her management skills in a new arena.  

In early Winter, Kimberlee decided to enroll in a Small Business Development course through the University of Georgia.  As the course progressed, Kimberlee realized that Tracy had a unique skills set and a passion for customer service.  She began to design a few "mock" retail sites to convince Tracy of his potential as a business owner.  It was during this time, that a business name was founded, registered and a website created.  Kimberlee incorporated as North American Pressure Wash Outlet, LLC.  Tracy, aware of internal management struggles and the uncertainty of a "cashable" paycheck in his then current working situation, incorporated himself as North American Pressure Washing, LLC.  This would allow Tracy to provide an income for himself and remain in the field that he knows so well should circumstances warrant a change.

Tracy and Kimberlee have joined forces to use their expertise and focus on customer service to create a solid business structure with the same reputable vendors and manufacturers that he had developed relationships with over the years.  Both believe that customer service is the key to a successful business.  They realize you are the reason we are here and without you, the customer, we have no reason to be in business.  We hope that you will try North American Pressure Wash Outlet and remember what excellent customer service truly means.

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