AQUAROCKET TESTIMONIALS – North American Pressure Wash Outlet



Roskam Baking Company is known for producing and manufacturing a wide variety of high-quality food products and components for some of the largest food companies and retailers in North America. We are rapidly growing and continuously looking for better technologies and methods to suit our needs.

We recently designed and built a cleaning device that, at the time, would require the need for a small bodied, high-powered, and reliable rotary type pressure nozzle to assist with cleaning and sanitizing our food contact equipment. The need for this nozzle led to internet research, hoping to find the right high-pressure cleaning  nozzle. While doing so, I came across the Hydra-Flex YouTube page, watched videos about your nozzle capabilities, and was very impressed. I located a contact number and called to learn more. Your Industrial Sales Manager and I spoke for a while about my thoughts, needs, and what would be best for our application.

My sales representative felt the Aqua-Rocket could work well for my specific application. After running the Aqua-Rocket nozzles for a few days in a few different ways, my company and I found out very quickly that your nozzles were clearly superior to what we had been using before. Hydra-Flex nozzles outlasted and outperformed the nozzles we had previously been using. They would have been damn near destroyed if we used them the way we are able to use the Aqua-Rocket! Since testing, our company has decided to stop using the competitor nozzles and switched all nozzles out to the Aqua-Rocket. Everyone in our facility that participates in line cleanings either directly or indirectly were blown away by the performance of the Aqua-Rocket.

One specific application we use the Aqua-Rocket for is cleaning removable ductwork that runs through our giant industrial ovens. After a long production run, this removable ductwork is always covered in baked, burnt on product and – worst of all – polymerized oil. Before the Aqua-Rocket, cleaning the oven ductwork with our previous nozzles and cleaning methods meant this proess could take as much as 16 hours depending on soil levels and length of previous production runs. After testing and switching to the Aqua-Rocket, this process’s overall completion time dropped by more than 50%. I can’t speak for everyone, but in our industry this is huge because it enables us to repurpose more than 8 employee man hours for other tasks – resulting in finishing cleanups faster and more efficiently!

All in all, I have been very satisfied with the Aqua-Rocket and Hydra-Flex staff; your sales and engineering team helped me figure out what nozzle I needed for optimal results.

Chadwick Kogelschatz
Continuous Improvement Manager
Roskam Baking Company – Rothbury Farms
Grand Rapids, MI