PRESSURE LOSS DUE TO HEIGHT – North American Pressure Wash Outlet


In many groups and forums you will see references to pressure loss due to the height of the trigger gun or wand. And that is a real thing. It becomes important to consider the location of your equipment as you are working. For example, if you are washing water towers you have some challenges. Let's assume you have rented a lift to elevate the worker but the machine will remain ground level on your truck or trailer unit. Because the spray gun will be at a higher elevation than the machine, you will see a pressure loss.  How much? Take a look at the chart below to see if the amount will affect your process.

Elevation of Trigger Gun Above the Pressure Washer        PSI Loss 

0                                                                                                      0

10                                                                                                    4

20                                                                                                    9

30                                                                                                   13

40                                                                                                   17

50                                                                                                   22

100                                                                                                 43

200                                                                                                 87